About Me

Vanessa Toy

Director and Principal Consultant, Lead From Within
MAppSc (OD), Dip (PW), AdvCert (Facilitation)

Vanessa brings over 14 years experience in leadership, organisational development, human resources, facilitation, training and conflict management. With a Masters in Organisation Dynamics, she has a strong capacity to understand and work with organisation and group dynamics that have a profound impact on performance, collaboration, workplace culture, innovation and the capacity to lead and adapt to change.

Since 2000 Vanessa has undertaken extensive training in Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) and Worldwork, and now holds the highest qualification available in this discipline.

Process Work is a cross-disciplinary methodology based on the principles of deep democracy and person-centred practice.

With roots in Taoism, quantum physics and Jungian psychology, Process Work brings insight into interpersonal dynamics and training in deep diplomacy skills. It is a powerful methodology that helps us to understand and develop solutions for complex issues arising in groups, team, individuals and organisations.

What Sets Vanessa Apart From Other Consultants?

Vanessas background gives her a unique perspective on organisational and team issues. She is renowned for bringing a highly collaborative and exploratory style to her work. As a coach and trainer she readily creates environments that allow people to let go of certainty long enough to experiment with new ways of thinking and operating. And you will always be struck by her commitment to building constructive dialogue between all players in any situation.

Vanessas speciality and passion is in leadership development, team performance and organisational culture. She works with a wide range of organisations, NGOs, government departments and businesses to bring about transformational change in individuals, teams and whole of organisation.