Developmental and Performance Coaching

Staff Performance Improvement

Coaching is a very cost effective method for improving staff performance, with a personalised, confidential learning environment. I work closely with the direct line manager to scope the work for specific performance outcomes, then tailor the coaching sessions to suit the clients learning style and particular challenges. Sessions are often held every 1-2 weeks over a series of 5-6 sessions, allowing time for practicing the new skills in the workplace, gaining interim feedback from the manager, and further refining the sessions to ensure best outcomes.

Performance and Creativity Challenges

Are you putting a lot of energy into managing performance anxiety? Do you feel blocked creatively? Despite rigorous practice are you hitting the outer limits of your talent? There might be another way forward for you. There may even be a whole new talent or style trying to come out in you. Together we can work to unfold the issues that are disturbing your performance and discover a creative way forward.