I became a client as the result of a conflict situation in my workplace. Far from being a negative experience, I found Vanessa’s approach to the issues I brought to be extremely positive and affirming. At each session, I received clear and concise feedback, with plenty of challenging insight. Each session built on the last, providing me with a clear pathway towards the goals I was able to identify and articulate. Homework provided me with the chance to put what I was learning into practice whilst specific techniques enabled me to explore new ways of communicating with others in a safe and supported environment.

The experience was a turning point in my career and helped me identify and have the courage to take the next steps towards a more satisfying fulfilling work life. I feel even more confident in my people management skills and look forward to years of being able to build better work relationships using the insights and learnings from our work.
— Matthew, Senior Manager
Most valuable for me was identifying less than desirable ways of managing in the past, and learning skills to manage more effectively and move forward. As a person who is new to a people-managing role I can identify mistakes I made this year and now have a skill set to use to work towards correcting these mistakes and making change for the future. I find people management hard at times but I now have skills to make it less confronting.
— Lisa, Manager


This is one workshop that I feel cannot be improved as it is at present – excellent. Will be forever grateful.
— Gladys, Manager
Workshop was well paced, interactive, taught a simple way to approach issues that enable development for both staff and manager”.
— Lyn, Team Leader
Great balance of information, self-directed learning, practice and timely feedback in a safe learning environment.
— Jane, Manager
Vanessa, you are an amazing and skilled presenter
— Jaci, Team Leader
Very approachable, engaging, clarifies and answers all questions, provides safe space and clarity, and supports all participants equally. Training was extremely valuable
— Padmini, Manager
So skilled in her craft, with a wealth of lived knowledge. Able to flow and respond to differing challenges raised so quickly and effectively. Able to create an overall safe space to experiment with new skills. A well developed workshop process and learning effective across a variety of disciplines, resources well presented.
— Bernadette, Senior Manager