Why Lead From Within?

Leading From Within means leading authentically, allowing who you truly are to come through in your leadership. This includes everything from strategy development and team management to negotiating and navigating the toughest business interactions.

Leaders in the 21st century face challenges on an unprecedented scale, with globalisation and rapidly developing technology creating a landscape of ever-increasing complexity. Traditional modes of management are inadequate in meeting many of these emerging challenges. Contemporary leaders need the capacity to attend to our own and others feelings while still thinking and functioning with clarity. The most successful leaders are able to provide reassurance and certainty not only from a basis of knoweldge and experience, but also from a honed capacity to discover, to bring people together and collaborate at a level where genuine innovation and adaptive best practice become possible.

All of these capacities only come about when we are able to lead from an authentic place, in touch enough with our own experience and awareness to bring that to bear on the situation in a helpful, constructive way.

Lead From Within utilises a unique approach to assist you to connect with and draw on your authentic leadership. My work is the culmination of many years of practice in leadership, facilitation, training and organisational development. The work is underpinned by the paradigms of systems psychodynamics, Process Oriented Psychology, human resources development, neuroscience and communications theory.

I bring a tailored approach to my work with you, your team and/or organisation focusing directly on your real-time challenges without ever plugging you into a program that doesnt quite fit. I also bring a strong systems-based perspective, ensuring that broader implications and lessons are captured, regardless of the presenting issue. I have a commitment to communicating openly and fostering collaboration amongst stakeholders as part of any intervention we make. I dont pretend to be an expert on your organisations challenges; you will always know more about your issues than I do. However, I can help you to bring fresh thinking to your situation, discover new aspects of your own leadership, better understand dynamics in your organsiation or team, and realise more of your potential.

Leadership and organisational performance are my number one passion. Youll find me a keen thinking partner, and I am always happy to chat with you about your needs and how I might be of help. So if you are keen to know more, please dont hesitate to contact me.