Executive and Management Coaching

Lead From Within Coaching draws on the paradigms of systems psychodynamics, process oriented psychology, human resources development, neuroscience and communications theory. This coaching is not a program that you fit in to; the approach is highly collaborative and shaped around the actual challenges you are facing in your role. Together we design the work to ensure that you build the right skills, strategies and solutions to help you to optimise your performance as a leader. Working in such an individualised manner, you will gradually learn to recognise, tap into and bring out more and more of your authenticity in your leadership, and be better equipped to foster authenticity in others.

Leaders and managers from all sectors can achieve a variety of outcomes including:

  • Whole systems thinking for more effective leadership
  • Managing relationships and building strategic partnerships
  • Optimising recognition and perception of you as a leader
  • Leading structural and cultural change
  • Developing a culture of clear and timely feedback, accurate self appraisal and adaptive improvement, and
  • Attracting and retaining the best staff, preventing and addressing skills shortages.

*Reference: Dobbs, K, 2001, Knowing how to manage your best and brightest, Workforce Management, vol 80, no. 4, pp 56 – 60.