Counselling and Psychotherapy

My counselling approach utilises a process-oriented model. Process Work is a comprehensive paradigm that provides tools and methods for working with what’s actually happening, rather than imposing a framework from outside. A central tenet of Process Work is that disturbances and problems hold potential meaning and direction. The challenge is discovering that meaning and following that direction.

As a client you will notice that our way of working is creative, surprising and often a lot of fun. I work very collaboratively, following your process rather than acting as the expert on your life. This way of working is useful for all sorts of problems, from lifes biggest to its smallest challenges. Some areas of specialisation:

Relationship Counselling

Often couples seek help when they are in conflict about how they should relate to each other. Ideas about how we should do relationship can be tyrannising! Yet there is no ‘right way’ to relate. Every relationship has its own style, its own meaning and its own direction. Our way of working is curious and collaborative; together we discover and bring out your relationship essence.

Even arguing can be a potentially useful process. When people are supported to go more deeply into their own side and express it more completely, heated interactions can cool down surprisingly quickly once the dialogue deepens.

Chronic Health Issues

I have a background in naturopathy and nutritional medicine, and can combine these with therapeutic skill to assist people with chronic health issues. Long term illnesses often hold significant information about the central patterns and challenges which are unique to us and tend to stalk us throughout our life. Working directly with these central patterns can be helpful in bringing a sense of purpose and direction to our life, and shaping our way of being in the world.